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Karin A. Wurst

I am Professor of German at Michigan State University. My areas of specialization are eighteenth-century Literary and Cultural Studies and Early Modern Studies, Narrative Theory, and Visual Culture Studies. I have always been fascinated with how change happens—be it change from one cultural or political paradigm to another in my research and scholarship, in the formation of perceptions and changes in attitudes in teaching and leadership practices, or in the development of the self through life-long learning. I served as Dean of the College of Art Letters at Michigan State University for two terms and recently completed an advisory role with the Provost on intercultural learning and student engagement. Over the last decade, I have advocated for a more diverse graduate education in many national conversation and I am currently focused on the career preparation of our German majors.

Karin A. Wurst, Ph.D.
Professor of German
Department of Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Languages
Michigan State University
619 Red Cedar Road
East Lansing, MI 48823
Telephone: (517) 353‑7870
Fax: (517) 432-2736

–Ph.D. in German, Ohio State University. August 1985 (Henry J. Schmidt)
–Pädagogisches Begleitstudium, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. 1976- 81
–Staatsexamen (M.A. and teaching qualification) in English Literature and Linguistics, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. “J. G. Whittiers Verserzählungen. Ein poetologischer Versuch.” 1981 (Alfred Weber).
–Staatsexamen (M.A. and teaching qualification) in German Literature and Linguistics, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. 1980 (Martin Bollacher)